Snowpark equipment

We think that our snowpark obstacles don't need too much words to be described. Is better to see it live and shred it!.


NEW for 2016

For this season we got back to origins of freestyle and improved our existing ideas of rails and boxes with new technology of plastic sliding and new powder coating. We also developed a new connection type for boxes line that helps shapers in placing boxes even under a heavy snowfall in total safety. Last but not least we worked on weight and made a "diet" with some of our snowpark obstacles to help shapers in move it on snow.


We dont' like to impose our shapes or to close your fantasy so we offer u the possibility to design your rails, boxes and all other snowpark obstacles and we will custom build it directly for u. Just ask for a shaper or show us a pic or a design and we will create for u that structures always with an eye to safety above all.


snowpark obstacles 12 Modules and Connections to free your fantasy. U can combine it in a lot of different shapes and change it whenever u want. U just need a few bolts and a wrench and u can always have a up to date snowpark. It's up to your shaper's fantasy!.

U can choose materials, colors of side panels, measures, sliding surface shape. 100% customizable snowpark structures.
Here u also find some structures that can't be created with modules but that we can furnish u anyway. strutture per snowpark, strutture snowpark, Boxes, Rails, Tools, snowpark, snowpark structures, snow park obstacles, snowpark obstacles, snow park equipment, snowpark equipment, freestyle, freestyle equipments, ski, freeski, snowboard, box, rail, jibs, jib, jibbing

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